Hey, I'm Kenn and I shoot people for a living! 

Born in Manila, I spent my childhood in a two-bedroom house with my mum, four older siblings, and our own manang. Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to pursue as a career. All I knew was I want to be successful and I've always had a curious soul. For me, there was nothing more rewarding than learning someone's story.  

I moved to Australia when I was 15 and to say that it was the most terrifying thing is the biggest understatement. The culture shock was almost too much to bear and for the first time in my life, I felt like a complete outsider. In hindsight, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me.  Suddenly, I was surrounded by these amazing people with such colourful and diverse backgrounds. It opened up a ginormous amount of opportunities for me to try things I've only ever dreamt of doing before - one of which is pursuing my passion in storytelling.

Photography started out as a hobby. I remember when my mum lent me the old Kodak to take photos of me and my friends back in a year 4 trip. She got the roll developed and was quite disappointed that I took photos of random things instead. I wish I had kept those - it would have been nice to see what young(er) Kenny found interesting. Although I may have forgotten the images I took, I remember getting this magical feeling as I practically froze time and immortalised a moment into a memory. That was when I realised that photographers are wizards. And who doesn't want to be one, right? 

Never in a million years did I imagine myself actually working as a creative professional. I was academically smart but quite artistically illiterate back at school - the maths nerd who got his older sisters to make his art projects for him. Back then, arts class revolve around pencils and brushes and I couldn't draw nor paint to save my life. However, I had a knack for writing scripts, directing group performances, and actually being on stage, all of which undoubtedly contributed to the path I'm marching on today. 

Life is full of ups and downs and twists and turns and I'm forever grateful that I am one of the fortunate ones. Above all, I have learnt that everyone has the responsibility to be kind and help one another, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or sexuality. This pushes me further in finding a way to use photos and videos as tools for storytelling, ultimately creating a lasting, positive change in the world.

This is just the beginning.